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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter to Brian Cashman

By Frank Solares

Dear Brian Cashman,

Big fan and hope you retire a Yankee as well as continue working towards lowering the payroll, all while dominating the Major leagues. One criticism (Dont have one) but, Bartolo Colon? Really?

I know that everyone would like to remember the past and live it all over again, hell I would love to be 25, and have long luscious hair, so the thought of Bartolo Colon as the fifth starter does not comfort me for the future of your Yankees.

The hope here at Yankeesvoice, is that this experiment never gets off the ground and fails.
Mr. Cashman you should continue concentrating on the youth movement, not some 37 year old who might be 42 (A man that has not seen a salad bar in years, a man that reminds me more of a left end than a pitcher).

Back on October 24th I said, make Larry Rothschild pitching coach, I blogged that on this site ( ) and you listen to us.

Now I beg you please continue with the youth movement, that is the most important equation of the Yankee Future.

I know that Baseball America is the standard and have great “experts” that rate every team and I might not disagree with the Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Andrew Brackman and Hector Noesi. That said how many times have experts been able to identify talent and been at least 30% correct.

As a Yankee Fan that follows the team and has seen a minor league game or two, I have a different perspective. The Farm system is full of great pitchers.

I hate to admit this but the RedSux have the best pitching staff in AL on paper, but Baseball is not played on paper. Brian Cashman agrees with us "I would agree because they have a deeper starting rotation. I’m not saying they’re going to beat us. We’re not conceding anything. But if somebody asked me right now, they might be a finished product. We’re an unfinished product," he continues "But you don’t win championships in the winter, you win them in the summer. We’re looking forward to going head-to-head with everybody and anybody.”

It’s true but let’s give the Sox the Eye Ball test. I love Lester, he is awesome, I love Buchholz he is a stud. That said they have questions on the staff as well, where is the famous Matsuzaka gyroball (46-27 in 98 starts for 100 million dollar pitcher), Lackey is 32 and looked very old at times last yr (14-11) and Josh Beckett the most hated Red Sox pitcher since Pedro (1-2 with a 10.04 ERA vs Yankees last year).

We all know that the three Yankee starters are set in stone.

CC (Best lefty in the game!! Period! I SAID PERIOD!), AJ ( A J It’s not easy MAN, it hurts but it gets better, Trust me, you will have a monster year) and the franchise (Phil the future, the now).

If Andy does not pitch this year, IF! (ANDY GIVE US ONE MORE YEAR,, PLEASE)

Make Ivan Nova the fourth starter.

I love what I saw last year, both in the minors and majors. The kid has an it quality about him, he reminds me of a younger Felix Hernanadez, he has that kind of stuff and at 24 he is just getting started, He was 12-3 with 115 strikeouts and 2.86 ERA.

5th Starter

Sergio Mitre

• Honorable mention to Mitre not as a starter, (NO!) only as a spot starter or 6th man yes.

Kei Igawa
• Heck NO! (I like him waking guys at Scranton, he should stay in Scranton)

We need a young new arm as the 5th starter = not Colon.

On that note I will run down the bright starts at pitching for any readers that might not be aware of the pitching talent pool. Not named Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Andrew Brackman and Hector Noesi.

David Phelps

Selected out of Notre Dame by the New York Yankees in the 14th round (440th overall) of the 2008 First-Year Player Draft.

Notre Dame guy not the singer.
1. His career bio Hazelwood West High School, compiling 2.96 career ERA, 14-4 record and 172 Ks in 109.2 innings.
2. At Notre Dame he went 10-5 with a 2.85 ERA, striking out 125 batters in 137 innings.
3. In the minors since 2008 he is 31-8 with a 2.36 ERA, striking out 315 batters in 380 innings.
Very impressed, a non-Yankee scout told me he has 3 out pitches.

Lance Pendleton

Selected out of Rice University by the New York Yankees in the fourth round (139th overall)

A late bloomer but a man that is coming into his own, his bio in 5 years in the minors he has a 32-22 record with 3.60 ERA, 421 strikeouts in 470 innings. But his last two years he is 24 and 13 with 263 K’s.

Adam Warren

Selected by the New York Yankees in the fourth round of the 2009, graduated from the University of North Carolina

1. North Carolina Tarheel 2006-2008 22-2 (32-4 college total) 3.22 ERA 137 strikeouts in 178 innings.
2. While in the Minors, 2 years he has a 15-9 record 2.26 ERA striking out 176 in 191 innings.
I see why the Yankees are high on him and refused to add him in a trade. (Some one told me that or I read that)

D.J. Mitchell

Selected out of Clemson University by the New York Yankees in the 10th round of the 2008 Draft

His numbers impress me the most, he has grown into a complete pitcher, while at Clemson 6-5 with a 3.47 ERA in 14 Starts.
In two minor league seasons DJ is 25-11 with 3.11 ERA, 237 Strikeouts in 290 innings.

The potential is strong at 6-2 165 pounds and still developing his stuff. Has the ability to be swing and miss guy the two games I saw him in this year, he pitched to contact and was impressed with the Pawtauket game he went after hitters.

In my opinion we did not need a 32 year old left handed pitcher that has only 3 good years, who 5 years ago was demoted to the minors and over pay for him.

The future is now!!!

Oh and that note.., I was flying to Vegas to see my parents and was sitting at the Airport waiting for my connecting flight out of Harts Field Jackson and sat next to a guy who claimed to be a Red Sox scout. I failed to mention to him that I was a Yankee fan. He told me something very interesting. The guy had a few drinks and was bragging about a Pitcher in Brazil, he told me he was going to be the next big thing and that no one knew about it. I was very sober (not by choice) and would not shut up about it, so I wonder if he was really a scout or an over zealous RedSux fan who was making stuff up. But you know if he was telling the truth, they are worried about the future and so should you.


Frank Solares

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